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A Lightweight CMS With Features

Seriously lightweight modern coding utilizing PHP/MySQL. Optimized to reduce space, processing and bandwidth.
Set the creative process free with an easy to use intuitive workflow. Theo's also easy to install and update.
Themes and Plugins are a breeze to install and build, allowing the flexibility needed for all types of websites.
Includes features others leave out like pagination, tags, custom home page, backups, sitemaps and more.
Performance matters - and ranks 99% faster than other sites on the web. Need we say more?
Every aspect of output has been finely tuned for SEO. Theo can help in your rise to the top!

What Others Are Saying


The version 2 series marks a milestone in Theo's development with improvements in aesthetics and the most comprehensive feature set to date.

It's Theo's first official release (previously beta), beginning an introduction into the lightweight CMS free market as a serious competitor for broader usership.

Check out the admin demo - we're confident Theo will get you back to loving the content creation process again!


I tested several lightweight CMS's years ago while setting up a blog.. They all required tedious work with the backend, styling around a templeting engine or lacked features.

I found myself spending more time adjusting the CMS than I did on content - so I decided to put that effort into building a truly lightweight hassle-free CMS, and Theo was born!

Jeremy - Lead Developer

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Hi - one of your members has posted a ripped off copy of my CMS. Please see the license bundled with the download for restrictions on modifying and redistributing the code base. Please remove the content, thank you.