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If you've ever used a CMS before, you're already familiar with Theo - so this guide only covers usage unique to Theo.

If your database is not UTF8 or Latin1, replace the clean() function in the Engine with:

function clean($t, $v = '') {
 global $D;
 if ($v) $t = htmlspecialchars($t);
 return mysqli_real_escape_string($D,$t);


$D - Enter database user, pass and database name.

$P - Set table prefix before install if other software will use the same database.

$L - Language. Leave [..] unless removing. Accepts html. Date Formatting.

$stopwords - Space separated. Searches already confined to 2-30 characters, 40 results, no special characters or extra spaces and a 3 second wait between.

#Engine - Use Plugins and $L vs changing Engine (easier theme changes / updates).

#Plugins - See forum for plugins to add.


Base Href - Change if moving site. Root is "/", folder is "/folder/".

Home Page ID - Enter post id (found at end of editing url). Sets to draft so doesn't show in lists. Title and description used as browser title and description.

Posts Per Page - To turn off, set to a high number.

Moderate Comments - Hold comments until approved.

Description - Meta description on home views.

Captcha Question - Text or image html with single quotes (<img src='captcha.png' alt='Captcha' />). Can add inline style if needed. Make sure to add Captcha Answer!

Notify Email / Admin Comment - Eg: ",, xd5" notifies Joe and Sam on new comments and tags new comments if email field is Joe, Sam or xd5. Send to phone with number@carrier.

Check Latest Version - Gets version.txt from showing latest version and changes.

Enable Sitemap - Creates sitemap and updates robots.txt. Auto-updates when you create new posts.


Publish - Link opens post on the site, including drafts so you can gauge look and feel before publishing.

Comments - Link to moderate if post comments.

Textarea - Paragraphs (empty line before and after, except first and last) are wrapped in <p>. HTML is not wrapped. To start or end with an inline element (bold, link) add space or punctuation before or after. Display code using &lt; for < and &gt; for >.

Buttons - Wrap selected text or open dialog.

Upload - Uploads on save. Removing a file removes the link but not surrounding spaces.

Intro - Where to stop intro text. Can be inside a paragraph (if space after tag, shows '...').

Link - If linking to a local file, remove http from dialog and use path.

Add-In - Lists installed Add-Ins with example usage for dialog field.

Remove - Removes all post content including comments and files.

Minor Panels

Dashboard - Edit Button: To rename, add subcategory or remove empty category. Post Button: Create new post in that category. Click category name to list posts (click post to edit). Use New Category to create new.

Recent Comments - If any held, shows "*". Number shown can be changed in URL.

Manage Tags - To add a new tag use 'New' field and check at least one post. To remove uncheck all. To rename, change text in field. Hover over post for full title.

Backup - Optimizes database then creates download. "ALL" is all files and database, "SQL" is database only. Not saved on host. Use a web based interface to restore SQL backup.


Rename admin.php or core/? - Admin can be renamed. Rename core/ if you need a category named "core" (update index include 'newcore/config').

(csv)? - Comma Separated Value with space - like "one, two, three".

Keywords / User Names / Admin Restrictions? - Unnecessary. Keywords have no value and user names are redundant for single user. Server limits suffice (upload size etc) or you may have a reason (simple password on local install).

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